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We has some representative team around the world. As a growing and professional company, we have a business license complete to ensure your comfort, safety and satisfaction, to realize your dream to travel.

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According to the slogan MAK TRAVEL “You Only Live Once, Travel! “Which means you live in this world only once, take a trip!. In addition to abundant experience, each year several prestigious awards successfully obtained by MAK TRAVEL

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Dinner Only In Nile Cruise

Sooth yourself with an evening on the Nile with dinner and a show aboard the Nile dinner cruise. Admire the lights of downtown Cairo while enjoying a delicious dinner with a belly dancing and Egyptian folklore show on a two-hour cruise.

Hiking Sinai Mt.

The Sinai High Mountain Region, found within the circular dyke around the town of St. Catherine, is a fantastic yet little-known trekking destination. Egypt’s highest peak, Mt. Katherine is an impressive mountain, and even the climb to Mt. Sinai is a demanding one.

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